Altogether said, E.R.T. Madjitey's greatest impact was the prominent and influential role he played within the global Krobo tribe. Having risen from amongst them to statehood and later representing the Manya-Krobo constituency in Parliament, the term "Daddy" and "Nomo" (elderly one) transcended family gaining new meaning as his stature evolved into a statesman as well as a tribal icon. His commitment and dedication, to Krobo, were so exemplary that the late paramount chief of Manya Krobo, Nene Oklemekuku Azu Mate-Kole conferred on him the title "Adeyekote" (literally translated means "there is a warrior in the house")

During his many years of public service and afterward, whenever Krobos set journey to the official and later country residence of  E. R. T. Madjitey, it went without saying that they were sure to go home with their problem solved.  The aclamation bestowed on him by the paramount chief no doubt sealed a tribal vote of trust.

E.R.T. Madjitey was not only an embodiment of his his tribe, he epitomized a shield around his tribesmen, a true pillar upon which his family rested and the joy and pride of his sibblings.

Whenever the Okyerema (drummer) welcomed him into court with appellation: 

"Pechi Anibrekum, Pechi Anibrekum nante bre bre"  
(Pechi Anibrekum tread carefully, walk majestically)
Pechi Anibrekum, Pechi Anibrekum kassa, kassa konkron" 
(Pechi Anibrekum speak wisdom, speak with the tongue of royalty)

it was not just an act of melody, it truly heralded the persona of a man whose fortitude had earned him the right and recognition to be addressed albeit by the title and greatness of his departed ancestor.