Somewhere in the rear of the fenced compound the cock’s crew announcing the dawn of another day. A couple of dogs booed at those noisy birds. What on earth had happened to the peace of dawn thought Jack the big gray hunting dog as he re-positioned himself for that last round of valuable sleep. He would soon be summoned by Tei who always went on his early morning trip to examine his traps in the hills nearby... 

     Elsewhere in her spacious and beautifully adorned room, Madam Ogbeko Madjitey writhed in pain as she labored to give birth to another child for the local Chief (Asafoatse Madjitey I). This would have been her sixth but a year earlier she had lost one of the twins she was blessed with. As another spasm of contraction subsided, she imagined the dimples rising on her husband's handsome face at the announcement of his new child and gathered strength to continue. The local self-made midwife dabbed the sweat off Madam Ogbeko’ s forehead and looked on determining the right moments to urge the laboring mother on... These matters had to be attended to with the utmost care. The last thing one wanted was to incur the displeasure of the powerful ruler or his influential wife... She wearily wandered off for a moment thinking about the sumptuous meal that would be cooked this afternoon to celebrate the new child; all the singing, drumming, dancing and maybe even a gift from the Chief for a job well done...

     A deep moan suddenly jerked her out of dreamland... a fresh wave of contractions. She examined the laboring patient closer. Goodness!! She barked at the younger attendants in the local Krobo dialect...

"You bring me a fresh towel... You get me another bucket... You, get me more hot water... common... move it ... she yelled."

     As usual, Adjo (one of the younger girls) had fallen asleep again. What on earth would discipline these children; she would deal with her later... The young girls snapped into frenzy each trying to outdo the other; a good remark about one to Madam Ogbeko later on, always brought good rewards.

Outside, the young girls had started rising to their daily chores. Still hazing in the remaining vestiges of sleep, some stumbled over buckets greatly incurring the rebukes of their elder siblings. Though noise could not be avoided it was best kept at a minimum. It was a taboo to disturb the chief and other elders before they rose... Occassionally there would be a low rumble of laughter up by the barns as the young men readying their machetes and tools for the days’ work in the farms  boastfully recounted their nocturnal deeds.

     Encouraging her in a motherly fashion, the midwife carefully took Madam Ogbeko through the final stages of labor. Oooh!... it is a boy she cried out in joy immediately breaking into praises;

 "you are blessed Ogbeko you are a joy to this family; once again you have strengthened our lineage with a boy who as every male before him, will carry on the greatness of our great patriarch."

       Madam Ogbeko sighed and smiled with joy and relief. She had come through once again. Now, the other wives would surely look up to her, her greatness would abound as her male children grew and nations progressed from her. She was sure even the greatly acclaimed Pechi Anibrekum was smiling his approval on her from the land of the departed...

     Asafoatse Madjitey had just risen. As if activated by an electronic sensor, Pinoko snapped to his fee, rushed to the chief’s bedside and, prostrated before his chief in salutation while he slipped a pair of sandals onto the Chiefs feet.

   "Nene please inquire of my health?
   How are you Pinoko ?" "I am in good health.
   Everything ready for your ablutions Nene"

 As usual, the royal nodded his approval. Pinoko is a good man he thought, one of these days he must be rewarded with a wife. Somani's third daughter seemed a good choice.

     As the royal stepped out, one of the attendants rushed out of Madam Ogbeko's room so joyous she momentarily forgot to bow before Nene in greeting. Fast as lightening, Pinoko stepped before her, his bellow rivaling any parrade commander:

"Young woman are you out of your mind!!!"

 Realizing her folly, she quickly went down on one knee.

"Please ask for Nene's forgiveness. What is it Pinoko asked impatiently? Nene has a new son and he is so handsome just like his father" 

The Chief's face creased with a smile at the remark,

"Pinoko, inform my brothers and elders of this news, tell them, we will sit in court after breakfast"

 The King acknowledged a few more greetings and headed to perform his ablutions. "Tawiah" shall be his name the chief thought as he majestically walked on; little did he know that he was about to welcome one of the greatest sons of Ghana.

     Erasmus Ransford Tawiah Madjitey was born in Aframase (a small village in the upper Krobo district) to Asafoatse Madjitey (I) and Madam Ogbeko Madjitey on the 11th November 1920. Sixth in a family of seven, young Tawiah exhibited very dynamic and intelligent personality right from his infancy. On many occasions, this characteristic was expressed so intelligently that he won his father’s trust, respect and admiration. That he turned out to be such a principled, charismatic and disciplined leader came as no surprise to his parents. Young Tawiah however was also very restless and mischievous. Tawiah started his formal education at the little village of Obenyemi where he lived with his uncle Mr. J. A. Okumador from 1928 to 1930. He attended the Presbyterian Junior School at Odumase-Krobo graduating to the prestigious Presbyterian Senior Boys Secondary School, Bana Hill.

     He started his secondary education at Adisadel College later moving to Mfanstipm College where he completed his school certificate in 1936. E. R. T. Madjitey was admitted to the University section of the Achimota College where he read his Inter BA, passing with distinction in 1940. Partly because of his excellent performance in the Home Guard, the sitting Principal of Achimota College, Reverend Robert Stopford encouraged him to join the Army or Police Force. He opted to wait for the results of his Inter BA and while waiting, he engaged in a short spell of teaching in Mathematics and Latin at the Accra Academy. Upon receipt of his results, E.R.T. Madjitey joined the Gold Coast Police Force in 1948 as one of the first college graduates recruited in a new enlistment program on special terms introduced by the Gold Coast colonial administration...